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Families & Friends – You’re Invited! Concert in Care – January 6th, 2015

Janelle Nadeau, Harp You’re invited to join a resident or tenant at Menno Place for this Concert in Care! Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 10:30am Menno Hospital Chapel (enter through the main entrance of Menno Hospital – 32945 Marshall Road) Harpist Janelle Nadeau’s performances showcase a range of musical genres from Celtic, Spanish, classical and popular […]

Seamstress Shares Gifts

Published by Matthew’s House It looks like Christmas in Freda Teichroeb’s little apartment. She’s decorated her home with all the joy and flair of a true Christmas-lover: a festive wreath hangs on the door, another in the living room. Her table is covered in a pretty red and green tablecloth. At her window, a little […]

Is this the future for nursing homes?

Quality of life: A ‘dementia village’ in the Netherlands is changing the way we think about care and aging Published in the Vancouver Sun, December 7th, 2014 Weesp is an idyllic Dutch town with narrow cobblestone streets, canals, windmills, stores selling wooden shoes, and cheese shops. But what has put Weesp on the map are […]

Ballet Therapy for Seniors at Menno Place

What an incredible opportunity for our residents at Menno Place to participate in the ballet therapy program that was featured on the Intergenerational Dance Project. This project was from the Centre for Education and Research on Aging at the University of the Fraser Valley. Lee Kwidzinski, Mission-based dance instructor is leading the children and our […]

Seniors Advocate – The Journey Begins

In March 2014, the BC government appointed Isobel Mackenzie as the Seniors Advocate. Ms. Mackenzie has a broad mandate to monitor and review system-wide issues affecting the well-being of seniors and raise awareness about resources available to them. The Advocate will also make recommendations to government and those who deliver seniors’ services related to health care, personal […]

Christmas Elves visit Menno Place

85 high school students from Abbotsford Christian High School joined us this week to “bring Christmas to Menno Place”. They worked tirelessly throughout the campus to decorate Christmas trees, fireplaces, activity centers, dining rooms, the courtyard and the Fireside Cafe. In addition to Christmas decorations, they worked in our gardens. Ben, a gardner at Menno […]

Is it OK to long to go to heaven?

It’s February again and the calendar is telling us that it is time for you to celebrate the love of your life. Since the 15th century, Saint Valentine’s Day has been a day set aside as a day in which lovers show their love for each other.

Working among seniors, I have a front seat to witness “long-love” – marriages that have reached the 60 year anniversary milestone.