Visits – Menno Home and Menno Hospital

We are pleased to share that visits for residents in long-term care and their loved ones are going very well. Our Visitation Hosts received Orientation Training to ensure that they are well trained in: transporting residents, infection control protocol, educating and screening visitors on infection control protocol, dementia behaviours that may arise during transport or visits, COVID-19 stress and the emotional toll on families/loved ones as well as expectations for the visit.

Our Vistation Hosts, Nikki and Isaiah are facilitating six visits per day and have facilitated 34 safe visits. Visits are 30 minutes long. Families and spouses are grateful to see their loved one in person, understanding that it will be an odd visit with social distancing and their own mask factoring into the infection control protocols.

Family and Friends can click here for more frequent updates and latest information.