Seniors Advocate – The Journey Begins

In March 2014, the BC government appointed Isobel Mackenzie as the Seniors Advocate. Ms. Mackenzie has a broad mandate to monitor and review system-wide issues affecting the well-being of seniors and raise awareness about resources available to them. The Advocate will also make recommendations to government and those who deliver seniors’ services related to health care, personal care, housing, transportation and income support.

We had the privilege of meeting Isobel Mackenzie at the BC Chapter of the Canadian College of Health Leaders. We were thrilled to hear that her background is administration in both home health and higher levels of care. She understands the issues from the inside.

In October, Isobel Mackenzie stated that “We Can Do Better” and released her first report, Together We Can Do Better. Click for PDF.

The Seniors Advocate is seeking seniors to participate in Seniors Councils throughout the province. Application deadline is December 4, 2014. Seniors Advocate Council of Advisers Website.