Dr. Ann Thakkar

Ann is a Chaplain at Menno Place. She has served on the Menno Place team since 2022. Her doctoral research is looking at how spiritual practices, specifically the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises impact a person’s experience of suffering and grief. Ann brings kindness, pastoral care and the confidence of God’s presence to residents, families and staff who benefit from this support.

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Kevin Downey

Kevin joined the Menno Place chaplain team in 2022. He brings many years of pastoral experience to his role here and is a blessing to many. Kevin’s office is on the first floor of Terrace West. He loves to hear the stories of the residents and provides pastoral care and compassion primarily in Menno Apartments.

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Alison Cumming

Alison comes from providing spiritual care with the BC Cancer Agency. Her experience providing support to individuals who are facing end-of-life is invaluable to the team of chaplains at Menno Place. Alison is a gentle and kind presence, welcomed by all who are facing transitions as they age or support their loved ones through end-of-life.

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