Menno Place has several apartment buildings that are designed for seniors who are capable and independent. These seniors enjoy the company of others at a noon lunch meal that is included in the month-by-month lease. Many seniors living in The Apartments at Menno Place chose to move as a way to enjoy a supportive community of friends and staff.

Independent Living is a community housing model that combines homelike building features and private lockable living units with the basic support services and some socializing opportunities to enhance quality of life and enable seniors to live safely, comfortably, and independently for as long as possible. Pavilion, Terrace West and Primrose Gardens are Independent Living facilities.


    Where are you living?

    In your own home OR in an Independent Living Apartment Building (such as Pavilion, Terrace West or Primrose Gardens)

    What is life like for you?

    • Live on your own without risk to yourself or others
    • You can express yourself
    • Take care of your own home
    • Arrange shopping and banking for yourself
    • Walk with relative ease (may use a walker or cane)
    • Manager your own hygiene, medications and finances

    Where are you living?

    In your own home OR in an Independent Living Apartment Building

    What is life like for you?

    You need help with one or all of:

    • Personal hygiene (shower, dressing, etc.)
    • Medication assistance (checking, administering, etc.)
    • Medical needs (compression stockings, bandages, etc.)

    How do you get this kind of help?

    • You must qualify for home health services through Fraser Health
    • Contact Fraser Health to set up an assessment of your needs – 1-855-412-2121
    • An assessment usually takes 90 days from beginning to end (observe and assess)
    • Fraser Health determines the hourly rate for care based on last year’s net income