Scroll down to learn more about Menno Hospital (151 residents) and Menno Home (196 residents). Watch these four videos to learn more about moving to and living in long-term care within the Fraser Health Region of BC.



There was a time when care provided in skilled nursing homes was referred to by terms like Intermediate Care, Extended Care and Complex Care. But since the most important aspect of long term care is that people are living in a home and not just being treated, we now refer to it simply as Long-Term Care.

EXCELLENT RESOURCE: Long-Term Care in Fraser Health (PDF)

What does Residential Care include? At Menno Home & Menno Hospital it includes those dimensions of life that are important to all of us—friendship, security, creativity and opportunities for meaningful contribution—as well as the right care for physical disabilities, chronic disease and cognitive issues, including:

  • 24-hour Nursing Care and individualized Care Plans
  • Medical Coordinator (physician)
  • Dietitian and Pharmacy Services
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Pastoral Care and Social Work Services
  • Recreation and Activity Programs
  • Menno Home Special Care Unit (Alzheimer care)

All residents in Menno Home and Menno Hospital are admitted through Fraser Health Authority, which provides operational funding for these facilities.

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 Admission through Fraser Health

Menno Home and Menno Hospital receive their primary funding through Fraser Health Authority, and all admissions are arranged through Fraser Health. (Residents’ fees, which are set by government, constitute about one-quarter of the total cost.) We are a faith-based organization that welcomes residents from all ethnic and faith backgrounds.

How the system has changed

A lot has changed in BC’s long-term care system. Today, only the most frail—those needing complex or extended care—are admitted to Long-Term Care Homes. For others, such as clients who need assistance but not 24-hour care and supervision, Fraser Health may recommend Home Support, Independent Living (with various support services in place) or Assisted Living.

How to get started – Call the Abbotsford office: 604.556.5000

If someone for whom you provide care (e.g. an aging parent or spouse) needs more help due to chronic illness, disability or mental frailty, contact Fraser Health and ask for an assessment. The Abbotsford office number is 604.556.5000. A Case Manager, who is a Registered Nurse, will arrange to visit, and then make an assessment based on physical, mental and social factors.

What happens next

If clients’ needs exceed what Home Support or Assisted Living can provide, they will be admitted to a Long-Term Care Home such as Menno Home or Menno Hospital. Choice is accommodated whenever possible, but urgent admissions usually go to the first available bed in the region. If residents wish to move after admission, they may put their name on a transfer wait list for another home.