A Dementia Roadmap for Families

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Known as the disease of a thousand goodbyes, dementia affects
about 1 in 7 Canadians over the age of 70 (alzheimers.org). While
different kinds of dementia vary in their initial presentation and rate
of progression, there are features of the dementia journey common
to all…

Ten Things I’ve Learned…

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A year after changing career paths and becoming involved in senior care, Sharon Simpson reflected on the ten biggest lessons she has taken from her work at Menno Place…

Human Connection – the Loneliness Solution

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“Lonely seniors die sooner – do something about it.” My way of doing something about it is to write a bit about it and provide some direction and hope…

Are you in the ‘sandwich generation’?

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The sandwich generation is a term first coined by social worker Dorothy Miller in 1981. She was describing adult children who were “sandwiched” between their aging parents and their own maturing children.

Refuge for the Refugees

Refugees are all around me here at this seniors’ campus of care. They walk through the café with their coffees and bundles of bananas from our campus grocery…

Standing on Your Promises

What is a promise? The dictionary says that it is an assurance or declaration that one will do a particular thing…

Life’s Certainties

Benjamin Franklin is the one who said, “In this world, nothing can be certain except death and taxes.” This has not changed since he penned those words more than 200 years ago.

Help! I need to buy grandma or grandpa a gift!

Most elderly seniors will say that they don’t need anything for Christmas – and yet, we want to get something for our elders that will remind them that they are loved and cherished…

Is it OK to long to go to heaven?

It’s February again and the calendar is telling us that it is time for you to celebrate the love of your life. Since the 15th century, Saint Valentine’s Day has been a day set aside as a day in which lovers show their love for each other.

Working among seniors, I have a front seat to witness “long-love” – marriages that have reached the 60 year anniversary milestone.

Treasures Received – Working with the Elderly

For the past several months, I have invited those who work or volunteer with the elderly to participate in video interviews about their experiences. I have been deeply touched by the grace and kindness of those I interviewed…