National Day for Truth & Reconciliation – Sept 30

Each year, September 30 marks the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

The day honours the children who never returned home and survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. Public commemoration of the tragic and painful history and ongoing impacts of residential schools is a vital component of the reconciliation process.

Menno Place will recognize September 30th as a Statutory Holiday.

As a Christian faith-based organization, we believe in a God who reconciles us to Himself and to one another. We value this opportunity to reflect, learn, and seek healing together as a nation. 


Here are a few helpful resources to get you started:

Learn more about Residential School History

Watch first-person stories of survivors

Four Ways the Church Can Observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Approaching Truth and Reconciliation with Love in Our Hearts, the MB Herald’s conversation with John Johnstone of the Leq’á:mel First Nation

National Seniors Day – Oct 1, 2022

This Saturday, October 1, 2021 is National Seniors Day! THANK YOU, seniors for your wisdom and love and for the impact you have in all of our lives!

The Best Christmas Present for 2020 – Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine for our Residents!

The Best Christmas Present for 2020 – Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine for our Residents!

We are beyond excited to let you know that Fraser Health called us this afternoon to let us know that all residents of Menno Home and Menno Hospital (long-term care) will be provided with the MODERNA COVID-19 vaccination.

We are working with our pharmacy, Rexall, to organize the details of storage and the team to provide the vaccinations. The great news is that this vaccine can be brought to our residents and they do not need to be moved off campus in order to get this vaccine (unlike the Pfizer vaccine that had to be stored at -70C).

All primary contacts will be contacted for consent for their loved one to receive the vaccine when it becomes available. All residents will be screened for allergies and sensitivities to ensure that there is not a contraindication for anyone. This vaccine has not, yet, been approved by Health Canada. It will arrive 24 – 48 hours after regulatory approval.

Menno Place will, with Fraser Health and other long-term care homes make our plans with the assumption that the Moderna vaccine will be made available.

As we move forward, we will advocate for all the seniors who live at Menno Place (Assisted Living and Independent Living) to qualify for this vaccine.

We continue to send our staff for vaccination with the Pfizer vaccine. We are sending 65 staff per day to the vaccination clinic. Pearl Nucich, our Executive Assistant has done an exceptional job in pulling together this administrative task! Our staff are eager to have and bring this safety to their lives and to Menno Place residents.

We are grateful. We are hopeful. We are so very thankful for your support throughout this extraordinarily difficult pandemic. An end is in sight for our loved ones living in care!
We are so happy for all of you who have loved ones living in long-term care here at Menno Place!


COVID-19 Update at Menno Place. On November 25th, one staff member at Menno Hospital was confirmed as COVID-19 positive. Menno Hospital is a 151 bed long-term care home. Two of the units were impacted. All staff and residents have been swabbed. All results returned are negative. Menno Hospital is on droplet precaution which means that full PPE is used and all residents are in isolation. Please pray for the residents and staff of Menno Hospital.
On November 17th, one resident was identified as COVID-19 positive in Menno Home E2. Today, there is a total of 12 COVID-19 positive cases – 2 staff and 10 residents. Please pray for the residents and staff of Menno Home. This week, the staff from Menno Home E2 who tested negative will be returning from their 2 week quarantine period to continue their work in Menno Home. It has been challenging to fill all of their positions while they were away on quarantine.
The source of these two COVID-19 outbreaks are unrelated as the positive staff member at Menno Hospital was not connected to Menno Home.
We have started a Family Essential Service Worker program in Menno Home to provide essential care through family members who we know are committed to the safety and care of their loved ones who live in Menno Home.
Our frontline workers could use some encouragement as they face these two outbreaks. Please CLICK HERE to give them the energy of support that comes from this amazing community of Abbotsford.

Encourage the Frontline Workers

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