In 1989, the most popular song on the radio was Madonna’s “Like A Prayer.”  The Berlin wall fell that year, the first Gameboy was released, and three current Menno Place staff members had their first day on campus.

A lot has changed in the past 35 years, but the love, care and dedication of the Menno Place team has only grown stronger. On January 25th we gathered to celebrate these three long-standing employees along with 76 others, representing 840 years of service to seniors in Abbotsford!

In addition we honored 16 staff members with Special Recognition for Outstanding Contribution awards for their heroic efforts during two fires that occurred on campus in 2023. Their training, clear thinking, and swift actions kept residents and staff safe. We also extended our thanks to Assistant Fire Chief Chris Thiessen, Captain Cusworth, Captain Holt and the entire Abbotsford Fire Department.

Lastly we awarded five Team Member Appreciation Awards for Best Leader, Living Our Values and Everyday Hero. We received 58 nominations from staff, residents and family. This year’s nominations were so good the selection committee chose to recognize two Living Our Values winners and two Everyday Heroes.

The winners for 2023 were:

  • Best Leader – Sam Sahota
  • Everyday Hero – Elena Bauch
  • Everyday Hero – Baljeet Brar
  • Living Our Values – Nikki Alamwala
  • Living Our Values – Claire Colvin

You can watch the event on Vimeo by clicking here: Staff Appreciation Tea 2024