Mother’s Day Flowers 2022

Mother’s Day, May 5th

  1. You are welcome to deliver flowers to your mother for Mother’s Day. If you are here in person, you can visit and deliver them in person. For deliveries from our florists, our amazing Visitation Hosts will be happy to receive the deliveries between 10am and 6pm.
  2. Who do we recommend for floral deliveries?
    Buckets Flowers is a trusted florist who understands the infection control requirements for Menno Place – (604) 870-2994
  3. All floral deliveries must follow these guidelines:
    • No “scented” flowers – this includes lilies – this is to keep residents and staff safe – some are allergic (or highly allergic) to scented flowers
    • All flowers must be delivered in a container
    • No “loose” flowers in paper that need to be put in a vase
    • Potted plants must be delivered directly to the resident.

Hymn Stories – May 2022

Most of us are familiar with the beautiful hymn, How Great Thou Art… but have you heard the live version performed by George Beverly Shea in 1957? Do yourself a favour and click on the link to listen to the performance on YouTube! Don’t forget to read more about the origins of this hymn and other helpful resources for seniors.

Volunteer Week 2022 #EmpathyinAction

It’s been two years since we had to close our doors to our precious volunteers and we’re thrilled to welcome back such an integral part of our team and community! Our volunteers help residents thrive socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Welcome back and thank you for putting #EmpathyInAction!

Hymn Stories – April 2022

Penned in 1913 by George Bennard, this month’s hymn is “The Old Rugged Cross”. Bennard was convinced that the cross was more than just a religious symbol, but rather, the very heart of the gospel. This hymn became one of the most widely published songs, either sacred or secular, in the United States.

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Hymn Stories – March 2022

🎼 Praise God, it’s March! Our hymn of the month is the Doxology by Bishop Thomas Ken and Louis Bourgeois. The four lines of the Doxology have been the most frequently sung words of any known song for more than three hundred years!

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Hymn Stories – February 2022

🎼 It’s February and our hymn of the month is Come, Thou Fount by Robert Robinson. Written in 1758, the story behind this hymn is both beautiful and tragic. Thank you, Lord, for your “streams of mercy, never ceasing”!
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Hymn Stories – January 2022

2020-2021 Annual Report

Download Menno Place’s 2020-2021 Annual Report.

Menno Place and the Abbotsford State of Emergency – November 17, 2021

November 17, 2021 – Update re: State of Emergency in Abbotsford and Menno Place

Menno Place and our residents are safe with no risk of flooding in our buildings.

We have no break in our supply lines.

Some staff who live in other communities such as Mission or Chilliwack have been stranded. Some are staying at Menno Place in guest suites or with friends.
There is currently a huge fire at Fraserway RV on the north side of the Sumas Prairie. Toxic smoke is blowing west, but not toward Menno Place at this time. All windows to be kept closed.
We will continue you to update you if information changes. At this time, we are grateful that all are safe and that we can continue as normal in our service of the residents.

National Seniors Day – Share your (tiny) story of love, honour & respect – 160 words or less + photo

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