COVID-19 Update at Menno Place. On November 25th, one staff member at Menno Hospital was confirmed as COVID-19 positive. Menno Hospital is a 151 bed long-term care home. Two of the units were impacted. All staff and residents have been swabbed. All results returned are negative. Menno Hospital is on droplet precaution which means that full PPE is used and all residents are in isolation. Please pray for the residents and staff of Menno Hospital.
On November 17th, one resident was identified as COVID-19 positive in Menno Home E2. Today, there is a total of 12 COVID-19 positive cases – 2 staff and 10 residents. Please pray for the residents and staff of Menno Home. This week, the staff from Menno Home E2 who tested negative will be returning from their 2 week quarantine period to continue their work in Menno Home. It has been challenging to fill all of their positions while they were away on quarantine.
The source of these two COVID-19 outbreaks are unrelated as the positive staff member at Menno Hospital was not connected to Menno Home.
We have started a Family Essential Service Worker program in Menno Home to provide essential care through family members who we know are committed to the safety and care of their loved ones who live in Menno Home.
Our frontline workers could use some encouragement as they face these two outbreaks. Please CLICK HERE to give them the energy of support that comes from this amazing community of Abbotsford.