Help Spread #ShakeOut on Social Media!

Share the message that Menno Place is prepared in the event of an earthquake. We will practice our safety drill – DROP, COVER and HOLD ON on October 15th at 10:15am – the Great ShakeOut! All staff and residents at Menno Place will be participating with practice drills and education sessions.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On when the earth shakes.

Taking the proper actions, such as “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”, can save lives and reduce the risk
of injury. Everyone, everywhere, should learn and practice what to do during an earthquake, whether at home, work, school or traveling.

Please prepare yourself and the residents to participate in this drill.

At 10:15am you will hear an announce “Earthquake drill STOP, DROP, COVER, HOLD ON”

  • You are required, if safe to do so, stop current activity, drop to the floor and take cover under a table or desk.
  • You should count out loud for the duration of the simulated earthquake. This will help keep you focused and calm, as well as providing an indication of how long shaking can last.
  • When the shaking portion of the drill stops, stay in place and count to 60, giving displaced objects a chance to settle. You should also look around to see which objects might fall on you during a real earthquake.
  • Gather around the nursing station to debrief. Discuss what objects you noticed would fall or collapse. Would you know where each resident is? If you have any questions left unanswered please forward to me.
  • Document all objects that need to be secured after the drill using Worxhub.

Some education tips:

  • Residents in beds, recliners, wheelchairs should not be transferred until after the shaking stops. Stay put. Cover your head and neck with your arms or a pillow until the shaking stops.
  • Wheelchair users: lock the wheels, cover your head and neck.
  • A safe place for residents who cannot drop is next to an inside wall away from moving/falling objects
  • Do not use doorways

Thank you for participating in this annual emergency drill.

For those with disabilities: