Family Council – Home & Hospital

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Family and Friends (Family Council) Connections

Thursday, January 17, 2019
*New Time 3:00 – 4:00pm
*New Location Hospital Conference Room
(Front Entrance of Menno Hospital near Fireside Café – little hallway to your left just past Receptionist – Leslie’s desk)
Coffee, Tea, Refreshments are provided

On January 17, 2019 Family and Friends (Family Council) will have Dale Carlisle (Rehab Therapist) come to discuss the SCOPE project. SCOPE is a program designed as part of a research project from the University of Alberta called TREK. SCOPE stands for: Safer Care of Older People in residential Environments. Front line care staff and leadership members from various facilities are selected and guided through a year long process that educates and supports them as they develop and implement positive changes to benefit residents.

Mobility and Falls Prevention is the focus of Menno Hospital’s TREK/SCOPE Research Project and is being carried out on West 2 by an interdisciplinary team made up of HCA (care aide) Recreation, Rehab and Nursing leaders. The team is called the Menno Mobility Squad (M&M’s) and throughout the next year they will be working to encourage residents to lead a more active lifestyle in order to maintain their strength as a means to reducing or preventing falls.

Their aim is: By April 2019, to implement an approach to an active lifestyle for residents that reduces falls by 50% . Their motto is: “Mobility within your ability”.

The project is currently focused on W2 Hospital during this development phase but it is anticipated that the positive results from it will be implemented through the Menno Campus going forward.

Trish Giesbrecht (Manger of Care and QI Lead) will also be joining the group to discuss her role and how she can be a support for family members.