Menno Home Outbreak – September 8, 2021

This past week, Menno Home was declared on COVID outbreak. Menno Home is one of six buildings on the 11 acre Menno Place campus of care.
At this time, all four of the neighborhoods within the Menno Home building are cohorted. This means that staff only work in their one specific unit with separate entrances and break rooms minimizing any transmission between units. Since it was ordered in spring 2020, Menno Home (and all other buildings at Menno Place) have followed the Single-Site Order which means that staff caring for elders are not permitted to work in other care homes.
The COVID positive residents and staff are all from one of the four units (Menno Home E1). At this time, 34 residents and 13 staff are COVID positive. There has been one death of a resident who was palliative prior to the outbreak.
All residents who live in the other 3 units in Menno Home have been swabbed for COVID as well as all the staff who worked in Menno Home in the days prior to the first COVID positive result. There are no COVID positive staff or residents in these other 3 units at this time.
We are encouraged that, due to vaccination, the symptoms of COVID for the residents and staff are significantly milder than they were pre-vaccination.
Social visits continue for residents who live in the five other buildings on our campus of care.
Thank you to all who have expressed their concern for the elderly who are entrusted to our care. We are grateful for the immense community support that has been extended to Menno Place, especially during this COVID pandemic. We remember, with great gratitude the outpouring of masks, supplies, gifts, Christmas decorations and concern from the Abbotsford community for these elders and our staff throughout this pandemic.
As always, we recognize the immense love there is among you for the residents who call Menno Place their home. This has become abundantly clear as we have faced this challenging pandemic together. There is no dispute – our elders are loved and they are loved well. For this, we thank you.
If you are a person of prayer, we invite you to pray that our residents and staff will remain safe during this outbreak in Menno Home.
We welcome your good wishes and encouragement to our staff – who tirelessly provide care and love – the true heart of Menno Place. Send your good wishes and encouragement to