Menno Place Precautions around COVID 19 Virus

At Menno Place, the health of our residents is our top priority.

At this time, the novel coronavirus (named COVID-19, its official name) situation continues to evolve. Menno Place works with Fraser Health to monitor the national and provincial novel coronavirus situation. The BC Centre for Disease Control and the Public Health Agency of Canada work closely with Fraser Health.

The most up-to-date information about novel coronavirus can be found through informed, evidence-based sources like the Fraser Health Corona Virus web page:

Another website for information about 2019-nCoV, Corona Virus is here:

The Public Health Agency of Canada has created a toll-free phone number (1-833-784-4397) to answer questions from Canadians about novel coronavirus as well.

What should you do?

Follow the same procedures that are recommended during cold and flu season. This includes washing your hands often with soap and water; covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing; avoiding others who are unwell; and staying home when you are sick.

Visitors. Vendors and Staff

If you have been to an affected place in the last 14 days OR had contact with somebody with Coronavirus – DO NOT VISIT OR COME TO MENNO PLACE.