Bringing JOY to the residents at Menno Place

Joy To The World


Merry Christmas!

In this Christmas Season, we thank God as we reflect on the past year of bringing God’s love and presence to the 700 residents entrusted to our care.

This is a season where JOY is celebrated in the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Our staff and volunteers experience great JOY in their work as they provide compassionate care to our residents throughout each day.

What makes working at Menno Place meaningful for our staff?

It’s the knowledge that our skills, expertise and kindness bring joy-filled moments to our residents. We find delight when we see a resident enjoying their meal, their recreation, their spiritual life and their friendships.

In 2015, we opened the Living Waters Garden which is a perfect example of how delighted our staff are to create opportunities for JOY-filled moments for our residents. From design concept to daily use, our staff continue to find deep satisfaction as they create opportunities for residents to enjoy the garden space and beautiful fountains. Thank you to all who donated to this inspiring garden!

This past September, we threw the biggest party in the history of Menno Place to celebrate National Grandparents Day! More than 600 people experienced joy and laughter that day! The stories of JOY-filled moments on the Menno Place campus would fill a giant book if we could tell all of how our team takes the initiative to create moments of joy and connection.

One way we create JOY-filled moments is to focus on “person-centered care”. Increasingly, our emphasis is on person-centered care. This continues to shift our daily routines from doing activities “for” a resident to doing activities “with” a resident. Families are increasingly included in the processes and decisions that impact resident’s care and their lifestyle. When we understand what each resident desires, we bring true joy in their life.

Secondly, we create joy by moving toward a more homelike environment and away from an institutional environment. In the coming year, we will crate a more homelike environment beginning with Menno Home east side. A homelike environment is a comfortable place to find peace and joy.

Our third way of creating JOY-filled moments is to ensure opportunities for smiles and connection on the Menno Place campus. Christmas time is a particularly meaningful time to create JOY-filled moments. Many seniors are isolated and would love to connect through a personal visit at this time of year. Would you take some extra time to visit with a senior this Christmas season?

With your help, in 2016, we will create more opportunities for JOY – we plan to build a mini golf course, giant outdoor chess board and purchase three specialty bicycles for residents and their families to enjoy Mill Lake Park.

Residents and families have already donated $26,000 toward this $90,000 JOY-filled initiative!

Will you join with us in increasing JOY-filled moments by giving a tax-deductible donation to Menno Place this Christmas Season?

As another year comes to a close, we want to take time to sincerely give thanks to all the individuals who bring JOY-filled moments to Menno Place seniors – and to God, who is the instigator of JOY! It was at the birth of His Son that He announced His desire to bring JOY to all people.

May God grant you and your family His peace and blessing for Christmas and the coming New Year!






Gerd Bartel, President, Mennonite Benevolent Society Board






Karen L. Baillie, CEO, Menno Place