1,000 butterflies took flight today at seniors’ care homes across B.C., honouring the memory of those lost due to COVID-19.

At Menno Place, family, friends, staff, and community guests gathered to remember these precious lives and to release butterflies in their honour, symbolizing rebirth and transition.
Thank you to Menno Place CEO Karen Biggs, Mayor Henry Braun, Mary Jane Vallee, Sheryl Cross, Ingrid Schulz, and organizer Joanne Sweeney for sharing in this special tribute. It was so meaningful to gather together once again!
Dedication Poem:
As you release this butterfly in honour of me,
know that I am with you and always will be.
Hold my hand, say a prayer,
close your eyes and see me there.
Although you may feel a bit torn apart,
please know that  I’ll forever be in your heart.
Fly away butterfly, as far as you can go,
I’m right here with you more than you can know.