Christmas Gift Guide 2017!

Christmas is fast approaching, and with the holiday season upon us, it is easy to become overwhelmed with trying to find the perfect gift for everyone. Shopping for the seniors in your life can add to this challenge – what do you get the grandparents who say they don’t need anything?
We’ve rounded up a couple ideas for you! Here are some gifts that are thoughtful, and incredibly useful for the older adults on your list…

1. Magnetic necklace clasp – $10

Doing up a necklace clasp behind your neck is hard, regardless of how old you are! These strong magnetic clasps fit on any chain and make wearing favourite jewelry easy again.

2. Password Notebook – $13
For the people in your life who still love to write things with paper and pen, this handy little analog system will help them not to forget important digital information.

3. A subscription to – $14.99/ month
Audiobooks are a great option for those who can not see well enough to read anymore. has over 180,000 titles, and a monthly subscription includes a book every month and easy listening on any device.

4. Dexterity Kit – $16
These latex-free, durable tools are meant for those suffering from arthritis in their hands. Key turners, pen cushions, cutlery holders, and zipper pulls help make daily tasks easier.

5. Motion Sensor Light Switch – $20
Walking around in the dark trying to find the light switch is potentially dangerous for seniors living on their own or in a new place. These motion sensor switches can eliminate that problem, and help with forgetting to turn lights off when leaving a room.

6. Wireless TV Listening System – $70
A pair of headphones that can plug into your TV, this system allows someone to hear the TV clearly without increasing the regular volume on the TV. A built-in mic allows the wearer to still hear conversations happening in the room, and different settings help pick out voices over sound effects.

7. Meal Box Subscription – $70+
If someone you love has a passion for cooking, but can’t plan meals or grocery shop on their own anymore, what about a meal box subscription? Hello Fresh delivers Canada-wide and offers several different options for what sort of meals you’d like. Have it delivered directly to their house, or get it for yourself and take a meal over and help them prepare it!

8. Tile – $100/ set of four
There are a lot of small things that we’re expected to keep track of – keys, cell phones, wallets; and for seniors it can be hard to always remember where they put these things. Tile is a system that helps you find the little things you’ve misplaced.

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