Technology at The Apartments! Tablets are coming!

In June, Samsung tablets will be distributed to the residents at The Apartments! This is an initiative of Menno Apartments in partnership with Telus Innovation. Telus has provided the hardwiring that enables Primrose Gardens, the Terraces and Pavilion to have wi-fi throughout the buildings!

With wi-fi now available in all of The Apartments, Telus partnered with Menno Place to provide a tablet for each apartment suite!

Why tablets for seniors?

  1. They are easier to read than a desktop computer.
  2. They are easier to use – there is no mouse that requires muscle-control or dexterity
  3. They are more adaptable – seniors have a much faster familiarity with tablets than with desktop computers
  4. They improve communication – from typing to closed captioning and video calling
  5. They are fun!

Menno Apartments recreation team will be providing lessons for the residents in how to use the tablets. The Telus SeniorWise team will teach residents how to be safe on the internet, avoiding scams, fraud and identity theft.

If you have questions about the tablets, please call Nik – 604.851.4006