Finding care for B.C. seniors: How the system works, what is missing, and why you need deep pockets

Our CEO, Karen Baillie, was featured in part of a Vancouver Sun series on Seniors Care in BC.

Karen Baillie, CEO, on the Menno Place putting green.

Allowing people with greater needs and mobility issues to remain in assisted care does come with a cost — for renovations, wheelchair accessibility and equipment for lifting — but offering multiple levels of care in one place is a necessary change, said Karen Baillie, CEO of Menno Place in Abbotsford and president of the board of B.C. Care Providers.

She runs Menno Place, which offers its 700 seniors several different levels of assisted living and residential care, both subsidized and private pay. “We often see couples come in together, but not always for the same level of service,” said Baillie.

At the end of the day, all families can do is some research and then make the best decision given the resources available.

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