Western Regional Professional Caregiver Award

Each person’s caregiving journey is unique, but there is always a common thread: the willingness, patience and dedication that surrounds their commitment to care.

We are pleased to celebrate the 2014 Western Regional Professional Caregiver Award Winner for British Columbia, Bryan Gay.

Bryan is a professional caregiver who provides skilled care and compassion at the Menno Home in the East 1 Lounge and Chalet. He is dedicated, committed and seemingly tireless in his efforts to provide the essential physical and emotional care for the residents who suffer from dementia.

Bryan’s reluctance to be publicly acknowledged stems from his deep belief that professional caregivers work best in teams. He knows that whatever he does in caring for the residents is done in conjunction with team members who are skillfully managing and caring for other residents in the same unit. Bryan

Bryan was presented his recognition award by Canada Cares in Banff, Alberta on November 4th. He was given a complimentary registration by Canada Cares to the Canadian Home Care Summit, “Reaching New Heights” as an expression of appreciation for his services in caring for residents. With over 80 presentations on priority topics ranging from client and family centered care to integrated care, Bryan was in his “happy place” – learning and learning and learning.

Menno Place is proud of the excellent care our caregivers provide for our residents. We are actively seeking out ways to recognize our staff for their compassion and skills.

If you are aware of an opportunity to nominate a caregiver, or would like to suggest a caregiver for future nomination, please drop a line to us and we’ll continue to nominate our care staff for awards that showcase quality, safety, excellence and compassion.