Mother’s Day Flowers 2022

Mother’s Day, May 5th

  1. You are welcome to deliver flowers to your mother for Mother’s Day. If you are here in person, you can visit and deliver them in person. For deliveries from our florists, our amazing Visitation Hosts will be happy to receive the deliveries between 10am and 6pm.
  2. Who do we recommend for floral deliveries?
    Buckets Flowers is a trusted florist who understands the infection control requirements for Menno Place – (604) 870-2994
  3. All floral deliveries must follow these guidelines:
    • No “scented” flowers – this includes lilies – this is to keep residents and staff safe – some are allergic (or highly allergic) to scented flowers
    • All flowers must be delivered in a container
    • No “loose” flowers in paper that need to be put in a vase
    • Potted plants must be delivered directly to the resident.